Black cohosh or Actaea racemosa is a flowering plant that is cultivated in the US and Canada. It gets its name from the black color of its roots. It is mostly associated with its effect on menopausal symptoms. However, it has many other medicinal advantages which have been backed up by studies and researches.

1. Eases Menopausal Symptomswoman is holding rubber bag

Black cohosh eases hot flashes, night sweats, cramps and mood swings caused due to menopause. Studies show that black cohosh may be more effective in reducing menopausal symptoms than commercial drugs, and is also a safe and effective alternative to hormonal therapy. However, it should only be consumed with a doctor’s advice. 

2. Prevents Weight Gainwoman is on weight gaining machine

Hormonal fluctuations during menopause can cause weight gain in women. By reducing and easing the symptoms of menopause, black cohosh helps in preventing weight gain as well. Reducing the chances of weight gain can ultimately lead to reduction in risk of developing cardio-vascular and respiratory diseases.

3. Promotes Ovulation In PCOSpregnant woman is holding heart sticker

Infertility is caused by various factors including low levels of estrogen. Black cohosh may induce ovulation in conditions like PCOS (poly-cystic ovarian syndrome) by balancing the levels of reproductive hormones.

4. Induces Laborwoman is exercising

Black cohosh is a natural analgesic and hence reduces pain stimulated by strong contractions during the labor process. It is used when the contractions are slow and painful/weak. It should, however, be consumed only after prior consultation with a gynaecologist during pregnancy.

5. Reduces Inflammationinflamative marks on internal body structure

Cimiracemate, which is an active component in Black cohosh, has anti inflammatory properties. Black cohosh also contains isoferulic acids, which fight inflammation. Using it with other anti inflammatory herbs in form of a paste, can help soothe the inflammation of joints in arthritis.

6. Prevents Spasmsa woman got back pain

Black cohosh is found helpful in reducing muscle spasms in men and women. Muscles spasms can be due to menstrual cycles, digestive troubles, strains, nervous tension, or injury. Thus black cohosh helps in normal functioning of nerves and muscles.

7. Heals Fracturescloseup of holding hands for convalescence of old woman's broken arm bone with bandage.

People who suffer from osteoporosis have to deal with bone loss and fractures. Research supports that black cohosh supplements may be helpful in quicker healing of fractures.

8. Improves Skinwomain is mile wtih healthy skin

Menopause can cause ageing to progress faster and thus your skin suffers a lot. Black cohosh may reduce occurrence of skin problems such as acne, rashes, itchiness, dryness and wrinkles, thereby improving the texture of your skin.

9. Supports Digestionman is holding his stomach

Black cohosh improves your digestive health by increasing the efficiency of other nutrients obtained by foods, increasing the speed of elimination of waste products, thereby reducing risks of constipation and gastric also helps to fight flatulence, bloating, cramps, morning sickness and nausea.

10. Promotes Sleepbeautiful girl sleeps in the bedroom

Black cohosh is a natural and effective sedative. It promises a restful and long sleep. Hence, it is a good natural alternative for medicines taken in case of Insomnia, chronic fatigue, stress/anxiety and interrupted sleep.


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