Marshmallow is a popular food product among all age groups, be it a child or an elderly. This candy has a sugar-base with gelatin and water. Gelatin is the modern form used in this age’s marshmallow candies. But in earlier times, the root of marshmallow plant was used in its place.

Here are some impressive health benefits of using marshmallow root:

1. Cures Sore Throatwoman with hands on throat.

Marshmallow root can be used as a homemade remedy for sore throat. It has some compounds that reduce irritation in the throat. This is why this amazing natural product is being used in manufacturing medicines nowadays to cure sore throat.

2. Natural Digestion Promoterwoman is having stomach pain

Marshmallow root is helpful in treating heartburn, stomach ulcers, bloating and many such digestive disorders. It also acts as a cure for stomach discomfort in case of acidity, giving a soothing effect. You could prepare tea by boiling marshmallow root and adding other herbs which support digestion too, like ginger, peppermint etc.

3. Eases Respiratory Troubleswoman is using inhailer

Marshmallow clears up the throat and airway thus making breathing easier in case of respiratory problems or attacks. There are studies that show how Marshmallow root helps in asthma treatment.

4. Soothes Burnsbendaging  burnt hand

Burn wounds are painful and can take a while to heal. Marshmallow root can be a natural healer for such wounds as it speeds up the healing process. Its antibacterial properties can help to prevent any further infections on the affected area.

5. Treats Kidney Related Issuesinteral body structure of kidney

If you’re suffering from any kind of urinary infection, kidney stones, or inflamed kidney, Marshmallow roots can help you too. Its diuretic properties help in increasing the secretion of urine which is very important in such conditions. It can treat urinary tract infections and prevent development of kidney stones.

6. Great For Hairwoman is showing her hairs

If you’re looking for a permanent/ long term solution for brittle, dry and dull hair, search no more. Marshmallow root can be used as an all natural hair conditioner as it gives life to dull hair and lifts up limp hair to give it a healthy shine and bounce.

7. Heals Skin Problemswoman is having skin problem

Skin disorders may not be fatal, but they can get really irritating and look bad too, if improper treatment is taken. Marshmallow root can be used instead as it has no side effects and is absolutely natural and compatible with sensitive skin. The anti irritant properties, anti oxidant properties  and anti inflammatory properties help with anti ageing too.

8. Cosmetic IngredientCosmetic Ingredient

The biggest selling point of Marshmallow root is that it is a 100% organic and natural and thus can make an excellent base for cosmetics. It has a wide range of antioxidants too which fight the free radicals on the skin surface defying ageing.

9. Immunity Boosteran art is protecting from germs

Some studies reveal that marshmallow root can be used to ward off infections and flu by increasing WBCs or white blood cells. This means that marshmallow root would increase your immunity.

10. Remedy For Coldwoman is getting cold

Cold doesn’t go away easily and can cause other troubles like unclear speech, breathing problems etc. Marshmallow root can be added to your tea along with ginger to ease the discomfort and speed up recovery.


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