Most people know celery as a stalk that can be eaten raw as salad or snack. But the leaves and seeds of celery are also edible and have many health benefits. Celery leaves make a great ingredient for stir-fried recipes and soups. Celery seeds are commonly used as a spice in crushed form and contain a compound called apiol. This compound is a flavoring agent and is used for its many medicinal benefits.

1. Lowers High Cholesterollower high cholestarol meter

Celery improves and maintains heart health by bringing down the cholesterol levels. It has unique compound called 3-n-butylphthalide. This compound is known to have a lipid lowering effect. However there are many more benefits that are being studied by experts.

2. Reduces Inflammationinflammation in elbow

Celery is a good source of antioxidants and polysaccharides that help reduce inflammation. Inflammation can contribute to chronic diseases like cancer, heart diseases, arthritis and many more. Anti inflammatory action of Celery helps the overall health especially those advancing in age.

3. Maintains Blood Pressureblood pressure check

Celery seeds have antihypertensive properties that help lower the high levels of blood pressure. High BP is a common risk factor in chronic heart diseases. The seeds have hexanic, methanolic and aqueous-ethanolic extracts that help improve blood circulation and thus help control blood pressure.

4. Prevents Ulcerswoman is showing her tongue

One of the many benefits of Celery include its effectiveness in prevention of peptic ulcers. It contains a unique ethanol extract that protects the digestive tract’s inner lining from ulcers. The flavonoids, tannins and alkaloids help control the gastric acid levels.

5. Keeps Liver Healthyliver health

In a study conducted​ by Helwan University of Egypt, it was found that supplementing celery, chicory and barley with high cholesterol diet caused reduction in the amount of fat accumulation in the liver. An improvement in lipids and enzyme function was also observed.

6. Helps In Weight Losswoman is on weight machine

Celery is very low in calories,but is nutrient dense. It is made up of 95% of water has many useful nutrients that help regulate fat metabolism. This helps in losing weight without making the body deficient of vital  nutrients.

7. Improves Digestionwoman's hand on her stomach

Celery has a compound known as NBP which helps detoxifying the body. The digestive effects of Celery are due to its diuretic effect. It improves blood circulation in intestines thus improving digestion by relieving bloating.

8. Fights Infectionsfight with infections

Celery seeds have been used in traditional medicine because of their  antibacterial properties. This is supported by studies conducted in 2009, showing that when celery seed extracts were combined with harmful bacteria, the celery extract was able to purify and reduce the growth of bacteria. Thus is is a natural immunity booster and helps fight infections.

9. Prevents UTIsa woman is drinking water

Celery helps to reduce uric acid and stimulate urine production. Thus is prevents bacterial infections in the digestive tract and reproductive organs. Celery can help fight UTIs(Urinary tract infections), bladder & kidney problems, and even helps in treating cysts in reproductive organs.

10. Protects From Cancerwriitten image of stop cancer

Celery belongs to the plant family which has certain chemo-protective compounds called polyacetylenes which helps lessen toxicity. These compounds help fight against cancer formation especially in cases like breast cancer, leukemia and intestinal cancer.


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