Turmeric (scientific name: Curcuma longa), which is considered as the Queen of spices, is very commonly found all around the world. Its characteristic golden-yellow color and pepper like aroma makes its easily distinguishable when placed among other spices and herbs.

As per published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society, Turmeric contains many antioxidant, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, anticarcinogenic, and anti-inflammatory properties. It contains many beneficial nutrients like iron, manganese, copper, potassium, vitamin B6, dietary fiber. Turmeric is also a source of phytonutrients including curcumin, demethoxycurcumin, tumerones, and tumenorols.

Here are some ways turmeric can boost up your health:

1. Prevents Cancerpreventing-cancer

It has been found that turmeric helps in preventing several cancers, stopping the growth of cancer cells, including prostate cancer due to its anti carcinogenic properties. Its active components protect the body against cancers caused due to radiation. Additionally it helps fight tumor cells like T-cell Leukemia, colon and breast carcinomas.

2. Relieves Joint Painsknee-pain

The anti inflammatory properties have been found helpful in treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis. And with its rich antioxidant properties, it helps destroying the free radicals that damage the body cells. Those who consume turmeric regularly find much relief from the joint pains and joint swelling and inflammation.

3. Controls Diabetescontrolling-diabetes

Turmeric has been found to limit the insulin levels in the body, thus improving glucose control and increasing the effect of medication in the process. It helps reduce insulin resistance which may further lead to complete prevention of Type 2 Diabetes. However, if we combine it with strong medicines, Turmeric can sometimes cause hypoglycemia or low blood sugar levels. Therefore its best to consult a physician or diabetes specialist before starting turmeric supplements.

4. Controls Cholesterol Levelscholesterol-written

High cholesterol leads to endless health problems including high risk of cardiovascular diseases. Researchers have found that simply seasoning your food with turmeric or using it as a spice, can reduce serum cholesterol levels thus preventing cardiovascular diseases and lessening the risks for many more troubles.

5. Boosts Immunitywoman-jumping

Turmeric contains lipopolysaccharide, which stimulates the immune system. Th antibacterial, antiviral and anti fungal properties in Turmeric help in strengthening immunity which further helps in reducing risks of catching a cold or flu. When suffering from a cough/cold/flu, drink a glass of warm milk with a teaspoon of turmeric in it daily.

6. Heals Woundsturmeric-paste-wounds

Turmeric’s antiseptic and antibacterial properties make it a good natural disinfectant too. When you get a cut/ wound, apply some turmeric powder on the affected area to help speed up the healing process. It also helps treating skin problems like Psoriasis and many other inflammation related conditions.

7. Supports Weight Lossweight-loss-fat-girl

Use of Turmeric has been studied in association with people suffering from obesity. It helps maintain weight by regulating the flow of bile, an important component for breaking down dietary fat. A teaspoon of Turmeric powder can be consumed with every meal to see these results in obese conditions.

8. Prevents Alzheimer’s diseasealzheimer-disease

Inflammation in the brain can lead to cognitive disorders like Alzheimer’s disease. Turmeric helps fight such conditions by reducing the plaque build-up in the brain and improving the flow of oxygen. This can prevent and slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s.

9. Improves Digestiondigestive-health

The regulation of bile juice to support the breakdown of fat and food faster, is a way that Turmeric helps in aiding Digestion. Also, it helps in preventing and treating stomach ulcers and colon diseases because of the medicinal qualities in it. However, when suffering from gall bladder problems, Turmeric should not be consumed. Supplementation should only be approved by the physician in any case.

10. Regulates Liverliver-art

Turmeric, apart from being an antiseptic, also acts as a detoxifier. The liver detoxifies the blood by producing enzymes and turmeric helps increase the production of such vital enzymes. These enzymes break down and eliminate toxins in the body. These factors support good liver health. Turmeric is also believed to improve blood circulation.


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