Pregnancy is the golden time of a woman’s life. It is the rebirth of a woman and tests patience and endurance in its course. During this time, a woman needs and deserves good care from her family. Ayurveda compares human development with that of a plant: germination, sprouting and growing.

The downward energy known as Apana Vata and the upward energy called the Prana Vata should be in balance for a healthy pregnancy.

This balance can be attained through the following measures:

1. Support The Cravingswoman is choosing between apple and cake

Eat what you crave naturally. Eat a balanced diet which has a good amount of proteins, iron, and other essential nutrients. Eat for your own body as well as your unborn child’s body. Its normal to gain a little weight in order for the body to adjust to its changing shape and form.

However avoid hot/spicy food, uncooked leafy vegetables, uncooked beans, preservatives, and artificial flavors.

2. Balance Vatavata written image

By consuming diet rich in veggies, sprouts and whole grains, one can ensure a balanced vata which means the energy of the nervous system. Include three tastes: sweet, salty and sour. Sprouted beans and lentils, whole grains, fruits, quinoa, beets, carrots and sweet potatoes are ideal.

3. Massage With Herbal OilsPicture of calm beautiful woman in massage salon

Herbal oils improve blood circulation and relieve discomforts and aches of the body. It calms down the nervous system. During the 8th and 9th month, abdomen massage and chest massage is beneficial as the baby is due and the mother will soon start lactating.

4. Treat Morning Sicknesswoman is vomiting in the morning time

Morning sickness is common during pregnancy but it doesn’t mean it should be left untreated. Nausea can occur at any time, so follow a few Ayurveda tips for curing it: Snack on dry crackers, cardamom seeds, cloves with honey, and ginger tea. You could consider drinking teas with mint too. Sleep in a semi reclined position with a pillow and go for walk in the mornings.

5. Stay happyhappy symbol

Emotional health is as important as physical health during pregnancy. don’t keep negative emotions inside like anger, sadness, envy etc. Expose yourself to happy environments and be in a healthy company.


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