Parsley is a Mediterranean herb, that is been in use for almost 2000 years. Adding Parsley gives a fresh boost of color to your meal. Although many of us think of it as just a garnish, it has a lot more to offer:

1. Lowers Cancer RiskLowers cancer risk

Parsley comprises of some volatile oil components namely— myristicin, limonene, eugenol and alpha-thujene. These boost the body’s immune system and help fight formation of cancer by slowing tumor growth, neutralizing free radicals and fighting off carcinogens. 

2. Boosts Immune Systemskull is protecting from germs image

Parsley has high levels of antioxidants, including Vitamin C. This vitamin helps boost the immune system, shielding the body from common colds/coughs/flu.  

3. Fights Inflammationinfammation on back

Parsley helps fight inflammation, lessen swelling, and reduce pain due to arthritis. Eugenol in Parsley has anti arthritis properties and is a powerful antioxidant too. It prevents swelling within the joints due to arthritis. 

4. Bone Buliding Nutrientsstrong hand bones

Parsley comprises of calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D and magnesium along with Vitamin K in high levels. These help maintain the bone density, thus preventing the bones from chipping and fractures. 

5. Fights Ailmentsa litle gilr is protecting herself from germs

Parsley offers protection from various disorders like diabetes, atherosclerosis, asthma and even some forms of cancers including colon cancer. 

6. Keeps Heart Healthyheart

The blood vessels in your body are threatened when homocysteine levels increase beyond a safe limit. Parsley has Folate which helps convert the excess homocysteine into harmless molecules. Regular use of Parsley in diet helps defend the body against cardiovascular diseases like atherosclerosis. 

7. Detoxparsley water

Parsley contains Apigenin and Myristicin boost the productivity of liver enzymes that aids in detoxifying your body. Parsely juice is a natural detox drink for kidney and liver cleansing.

8. Prevents UTIstoilet sign

Since parsley helps cleanse the kidneys thereby improving their function, the waste is more effectively eliminated in regulated intervals, mintaining low risk of developing urinary tract infections.


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