Maca root has numerous Health benefits like improving blood flow, boosting male fertility, increasing immunity, boosting libido, improving memory and retention, lowering blood pressure, promoting bone health, relieving symptoms of menopause and improving athletic performance.

1. Improves Blood Flowblood circulation

Healthy blood flow is associated with many aspects of health and can keep the organs functioning ideally. The use of Maca root is especially popular among males because it can help improve blood flow to the penis, thus giving stronger erections. Maca root is safer than most prescription medications for this purpose.

2. Boosts Male Fertilityhappy couples

For pregnancy to occur, there are many aspects to be kept in mind. Maca root helps increase the count and motility of sperm, which can contribute to fertilization of female egg.

3. Moderates Effects Of StressWoman celebrating and showing thumbs up.

Maca is an adaptogenic herb, which means that is makes the body more capable of handling stress and fatigue in case you are lacking sleep. It enhances oxygen consumption in case of fatigue and buffers the symptoms of stress.

4. Boosts Libidohappy couples

As Maca root improves blood flow, it can improve the sexual function and result in stronger erections. Apart from this, it can increase your libido resulting in increased sex drive. It also prevents enlarging of prostate in males. The prescription medications taken for this purpose have various side effects. This condition causes increase in the frequency of urination. Although it may not be sufficient to manage advanced stages of this annoying condition, it may be taken as a preventive measure by those who are approaching middle age.

5. Improves Memorymind diagram

Maca, in some cultures, is administered to school going children as it is believed to increase retention and improve memory. Although it does not have any scientific evidence, its usage continues to be popular for improving memory.

6. Lowers Blood Pressurewoman is happy

High blood pressure​ can result from poor dietary habits, stress, and various other factors. It lowers the elevated blood pressure and prevents water and sodium retention in the body.

7. Promotes Bone Healthbone body structure

Bone is a living tissue made of sturdy mineral deposits, but requires nourishment to stay strong and healthy. Maca has many of these minerals necessary for maintenance of healthy bones: calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper and phosphorus. Regular consumption of these minerals would prevent osteoporosis, arthritis and other such bone and joint problems during advancing age.

8. Relieves Menopausal Symptomsdepressed woman

Menopause is as stressful as it can get and comes with symptoms like hot flashes, mood swings, decrease in sex drive and more. Maca root provides relief from these conditions and stabilises mood swings, alleviating anxiety and depression.

9. Improves Athletic Performanceadventure sport

Maca root is popular among bodybuilders because it it believed to increase the muscle mass. It is also supported by athletes and runners as it boosts endurance and energy levels for extended periods of time.


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