Organic Lovage hails from the parsley family and is widely used in parts of Europe and southwest Asia. It has been in use since many years in food and natural healing. It offers a wide variety of benefits like good kidney health, fighting harmful organisms, and supporting joint health.

Some of these rarely known benefits are mentioned below:

1. Lowers Risk Of Kidney Stonesstones in kidney

Organicn Lovage has aquaretic properties that are a kind of diuretic that promotes urination without any electrolyte loss. The increased urinary function helps flush out the urinary tract to potentially help avoid kidney stones.

2. Lung Healthhealthy lungs

Traditional medicine uses lovage to loosen phlegm in the airways and lungs which further supports breathing. In a clinical trial to study this effect, Eucalyptol, the active compound in Lovage, produced significant positive results in just 4 days.

3. Soothes Rough Spotsrough spots

Lovage is loaded with compounds that may soothe rough patches on the body. These compounds include limonene, eugenol, and quercetin, which have soothing effect on the body and can reduce colitis related issues.

4. Skin Healthwoman is looking he skin in mirror

To fight problems like dermatitis and acne, lovage has been found to be really helpful. The exact mechanism is unknown but even old traditional skin care routines included usage of lovage.

5. Fights Harmful Organismsharmfull organisms

Lovage is one of the potent extracts that can be used against organisms like E. Coli, Salmonella, H.pylori, and H. influenzae.

6. Eases Digestionwoman is trying to grab her stomach

Lovage has a soothing effect on the digestive tract. Moreover, it also helps with bloating issues, discomfort, and gas reduction.

7. Supports Joint Healtha man holding his knee

This herb is a natural remedy for joint disorders like Gout and rheumatic swelling of joints. In addition, it doesn’t even cause any side effects as compared to synthetic drugs.

8. Excellent Additive To Recipeslovage recipe

Lovage acts as a fresh nutritional addition to all your recipes as it elevates the nutritional value of the meal. It is often used in place of celery, but due to it’s high pungency, it is recommended to add less of it. The leaves however make an excellent salad, and the seeds can be used as seasoning in salads and soups. It can also be brewed as a herbal tea. It’s rich in multivitamins and minerals.

9. Natural Allergy RepellantAllergy-Related-Skin-Conditions

We’ve already established that Lovage has effective soothing properties. Hence it can reduce the risk of allergies too. Quercetin, a compound present in lovage, inhibits histamine release and alleviates skin irritant typically caused by sensitivity to environmental irritants.


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