Tarragon (Artemisia dracunculus), also called Estragon, is a species of perennial herb. It hails from the sunflower family and grows in the wild forests across Europe, Asia and North America. It is now cultivated for medicinal and culinary purposes.

1. Protects From Cancercancer ribbon

Tarragon is found to be a good source of antioxidants that help fight free radicals thus keeping the body protected from oxidative damage which often otherwise leads to cancer.

2. Heart HealthFemale doctor with the stethoscope holding heart

Tarragon leaves contain potassium which is essential in good organ functioning. The organs it helps are kidneys, heart and liver. They also have anti-inflammatory properties, and hence keep the blood vessels free from damage.

3. Helps Diabeticsdiabetes check

In order for the blood sugar to be inside the safe limits, the calorie intake should be evenly distributed throughout the body. Tarragon leaves are rich in dietary fibers and polyphenols which aid in distributing the calories throughout the body, and lower the blood sugar levels in diabetics.

4. Prevents Anaemiaanaemia in written

Anaemia is another name for iron deficiency. Tarragon leaves contain iron which aids in production of red blood cells. It also has vitamin C which helps in absorption of iron from the eaten food. 

5. Protects Intestinal Mucosainternal body structure

Tarragon helps in conditions where the intestinal mucosa is damaged. In these conditions, zinc is needed to help in repairing the intestinal walls from the inside.

6. Dentistrywoman is checking up her teeth

It can be used as an anesthetic and antiseptic in dentistry. It can also be used for curing oral problems such as cavities, loose teeth, and fragile gums. It helps reduce the soreness of gums and hence reduce its pain.

7. Promotes Blood Circulationblood circulation in human body

Tarragon extract prevents platelet aggregation to the walls of blood vessels. This helps prevent clot formation and maintain healthy blood flow throughout the body, protecting the person from a stroke.

8. Reduces InflammationAnkle pain, conceptual computer artwork.

Tarragon has the most antioxidants in it, which are involved in reducing the symptoms of inflammation, like swelling and redness. This property is aided by the presence of Omega 3 fatty acid.

9. Improves Digestiona man is holding his stomach

It stimulate the liver to secrete bile which is essential in breaking down the food for digestion. This prevents any digestive abnormality such as indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, etc. It also increases the appetite by stimulating the stomach.


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