There can be multiple reasons for hair fall some of which include weight loss, low iron levels, improper diet, stress and hormonal imbalances. A well-functioning body system is the key to control and restrict hair fall. The root cause of hair loss needs to be dealt with primarily – to balance the doshas, we need to cleanse our system from within. And for this, Ayurvedic rituals can be very helpful.

1. Amlaamla herb

Amla is a natural booster for immunity and is the most preferred ingredient for hair oils and supplements. Its rich in essential fatty acids which strengthen the hair from roots giving it a lustrous look. Vitamin C in Amla prevents greying of hair before time, and its high iron, antioxidant, gallic acid and carotene content improve blood circulation in the scalp which stimulates the follicle growth thus preventing hair loss. To use Amla for hair gain, mix some lime juice and amla powder and massage this paste into your hair and scalp. Keep for an hour and rinse off.

2. BhringrajBhringraj herb

There are so many hair oils in the market today which incorporate Bhringraj in their formulations, simply because it encourages hair growth. You can make your own hair oil with Bhringraj using the following instructions: mix dried Bhringraj leaves to a jar of coconut oil and keep it under the sun until it changes color to green. Massage into your hair and rinse off after few hours.

3. Shikakaishikakai herb

Shikakai is often considered as a natural cleanser as an alternative for shampoo. It is also rich in anti oxidants and vitamins A, C, D, and K, which keep the hair nourished. A simple way of using shikakai for your hair is to mix shikakai powder in coconut oil and storing it for 15 days before use.

4. Reetharitha herb

Reetha is also called soapnuts and serves as another ingredient for hair care regimens used for centuries all across the globe. It is responsible to keep the hair from greying and making them look and feel healthy. Prepare your reetha shampoo by following these simple instructions: boil some peices of reetha in water and leave it overnight for cooling. Strain the mixture and use as a hair cleanser.

5. Coconutcoconut

Medium chain fatty acids like lauric and capric acid in coconuts have rich antimicrobial and antifungal effects and stimulate hair growth. It also keeps dandruff and dryness away which are limiting factors in hair growth. It is one of the best and easily available hair oils. Using virgin or organic coconut oil would give the best results and promote regrowth.

6. Aloe Veraaloe vera herb

It is excellent for reversing hair loss and stimulating new follicle growth. It can cure a lot of hair problems too and makes hair shiny and smooth. The proteolytic enzymes which can repair damaged cells and improve follicle health. It also has antiinflammatory properties that can get rid of irritation and inflammation of scalp, cooling it and prenting it from itching. It works as a great anti dandruff agent too. Take the aloe vera stem and extract the pulp. Apply it into your hair and leave it for some time before rinsing it with normal water. This can be done three to four times a week to maintain good hair health.


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