Commonly known for its use as a spice, clove is cultivated commercially in India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar. They are the aromatic flower buds of an evergreen tree and can grow up to 8 to 12 meters in height.

Eugenol, an ingredient in clove oil is known for its natural anesthetic and antiseptic properties. According to a study, eugenol is much more effective than any other analgesic during dental surgeries and tooth extraction. Eugenol also helps numb the affected area, which makes it easy to operate on.

Ways To Use Clove Oil For treating Toothache:

1. Whole Cloves For Toothacheclove

Cloves are safe to use in their natural, whole herbal form. Take 2-3 whole pieces of clove and place them beside the tooth that aches. Its pieces will slowly soften, and when they do, gently grind them with your teeth. This releases oils from the clove and eases the inflammation and pain. You can safely leave the clove pieces in the area for about 20 minutes. You can also chew and eat them. You need not to worry if there’s a tingling sensation in your mouth. It will subside within about 10 minutes.

2. Ground Cloves For Toothachetoothache pain in man's teeth

Ground cloves work equally well. Take 1/4 tsp of the ground cloves and add them in 1/2 tsp of olive oil in a bowl. Mix thoroughly, then dip a cotton swab into the mixture and apply it to the inflamed area in your mouth, especially on the painful tooth and the area surrounding it. Hold the cotton swab over the tooth for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, spit the mixture out and rinse your mouth with warm salt water to eliminate any remaining taste or feel of the oil.

3. Clove Oilclove oil

Apart from the above methods, application of clove oil directly to the painful area can help too. It is usually easily available at your chemist’s store. Take a cotton swab and soak one end of it in clove oil. Apply this  directly on the painful tooth and the inflamed area around it.hold the swab in place and let the oil rest on the affected area for about 20 minutes. Rinse your mouth with a solution of salt water later to eliminate any oil remnants.


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