Marjoram is a Mediterranean herb that resembles in flavor to oregano. Similar to oregano, it adds a great deal of nutritive value to the food, apart from flavor, when used in cooking. It can be used as a dry or fresh herb. Both of them have medicinal benefits. This herb can be ingested as a tea or in form of a supplement. Studies have shown that marjoram can provide relief to people suffering from hormonal imbalances, diabetes, ulcers and digestive complaints.

1. Digestive Aidstomach's body structure

Including marjoram in your diet may improve your digestion. The scent of it alone can stimulate the salivary glands, which helps the primary breakdown of food that takes place in your mouth. The oil can help you digest your meals by stimulating bowel movement and regulating elimination. A cup or two of marjoram tea can help ease your symptoms if you suffer from digestive ailments like nausea, flatulence, stomach cramps, diarrhea or constipation,. You can add the fresh or dried herb to your meal for digestive benefits.

2. Women’s Issues/Hormonal Balancegirl with a man

Marjoram is used popularly in traditional medicine for its ability to regulate the menstrual cycle by balancing the hormones naturally. When you’re experiencing monthly symptoms of PMS or menopause, this herb can be used to help start menstruation. It’s also used traditionally by lactating mothers to promote milk production. Studies revealed the positive effects of the tea on the hormonal profile of women who suffered from poly cystic ovarian syndrome(PCOS).

 3. Type 2 Diabetes Managementdiabetes check

More than 9% of the population in the U.S. has diabetes, and the numbers continue to rise. A healthy diet, along with a healthy and active lifestyle is the best way to prevent and manage diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes. Studies show that marjoram exhibits anti-diabetic properties which is why it is something to include in your diabetic diet plan.

4. Cardiovascular Healthheart health

Marjoram can be a helpful natural remedy for people suffering from high blood pressure symptoms and heart problems. It is a great preventive measure for those who aren’t. It’s rich in antioxidants, thus making it beneficial for the cardiovascular system particularly. It’s also an effective vasodilator, which means that it can relax the blood vessels to ease the blood flow and reduce the elevated blood pressure.

5. Pain Reliefpain free in written

This herb can reduce the pain induced by muscle tightness or muscle spasms as well as tension headaches. This is the reason to include it in their massage oil or lotion. It is effective in relieving tension, and the anti-inflammatory and calming properties of this herb benefit both: body and mind.

6. Gastric Ulcer Preventionhow to prevent Gastric Ulcer

It significantly decreases the development of ulcers, basal gastric secretion and acid output. Its extract actually replenishes the damaged gastric wall mucus, which is key to the healing of ulcer symptoms. Marjoram not only prevents and heals ulcers, but it was also shown to have a large margin of safety. The aerial parts of marjoram contain volatile oil, flavonoids, tannins, sterols and/or triterpenes.


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