Scented geranium belong to the genus Pelargonium. Their leaves resemble Geraniums, and thus are confused with that species. They are, however, in the same botanical family. They have a wide range of flowers and leaf shapes, and make ideal garden plants.

1. Painkillerbody pain

Those suffering from chronic pain or migraines can drink tea made by boiling its leaves. It helps in releasing endorphins and hence treats pain. Even then, the effect is quite mild, and so it’s not recommended for permanent pain relief.

2. Relieving Stressa woman is sitting in grass with freshment

Geranium tea’s soothing properties can help in getting rid of a stressed mind and irritated mood. The organic compounds in the tea are able to balance the stress and anxiety causing hormones.

3. Treating Inflammationbody structure, red marks shows the inflammation

 It has anti-inflammatory properties, which help with painful and sore joints and muscles. It is even helpful at easing inflammation in the gut or gastrointestinal tract.

4. Facilitating Better Digestioninternal structure of stomach

geranium kills the harmful disease causing bacteria and restores gastrointestinal health.

5. Boosting The Immune Systemprotecting from germs

Geranium is a natural antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-fungal agent which has abilities to relieve cold and flu. You can chew on some geranium leaves to enhance the immune system and quickly recover from illnesses. It can also prevent damage from pathogens.

6. Improving Kidney Health 

woman holding model human kidney halves at white bodyVolatile components in Geranium may improve kidney health and stimulate urination,thereby detoxifying the body and removing excess salts, fats and water. Increased production urination can assist in lessening kidney strain and in flushing toxins out thereby preventing them from transferring to other organs.


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