shikakai aka Acacia concinna is a climbing plant native to Asia. It is found commonly in the warm plains of central and south India and has been used for hair care in the Indian Subcontinent since ancient times. It is also known to be among the best Ayurvedic medicinal plants. It is mostly used as a shampoo.

Lets look at some of its benefits for hair and scalp:

1. Soothes ScalpSoothes Scalp

A healthy scalp is the first requisite for healthy hair growth. Shikakai can soothe any inflammation on the scalp with its cooling properties, and prevent any infections because it is an antiseptic. It also helps maintain the ideal pH level of your scalp.

2. Clears Dandruffdandruffs in hair

Shikakai also contains anti fungal properties that help clear dandruff. This prevents other issues like follicle-clogging and aggravation thereby offering unhindered growth of healthy hair. It is also effective against dryness and itching.

3. Nourishes Hair Follicleswoman is holding her hair

Shikakai has many essential vitamins. Vitamin C, especially, promotes hair growth by giving your scalp a collagen boost. It is also a source of antioxidants that help prevent damage due to free-radicals.

4. Cleanses the Hairwoman is applying conditionerin her hair

Shikakai has natural mild cleansing properties. It cleanses your hair without stripping away the natural oils off it. Not only does this help keep your hair clean, but it also conditions them thoroughly.

5. Boosts Shinewoman with shining hair

Shikakai adds shine to your hair and makes it more manageable. If you are faced with situations like tangled hair and thereby hair loss, try to include this ingredient in your hair care routine.

6. Prevents Grayinggray hair combing

Using shikakai can help slow down the process of graying hair. It effectively deals with premature graying, therefore, consider washing your hair with its shampoos. Also, before you dye your hair, wash them thoroughly with Shikakai to allow your hair to absorb the dye better.

7. Prevents Hair Losshair falling

Shikakai helps prevent hair loss by restoring the scalp’s health. It effectively deals with issues like aggravated scalp, clogged-follicle, dandruff, and itching.

8. Prevents Licelices in hair

There is nothing more frustrating than head lice. Especially if you have children, who are much more likely to get them. It is a natural solution this problem; not only does it stop the itching, it also keeps the head lice away for good with regular use.


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