Tabasco sauce is a hot sauce made exclusively from Tabasco peppers (Capsicum frutescens var. Tabasco), vinegar, and salt. Just a few drops of Tabasco can bring a chilli-like, hot and spicy, flavour to pizza sauces, burgers, salad dressings and pastas.

1. Promotes Weight Losswoman is measuring her waist

Tabasco has the ability to help in weight loss. Tabasco contains the compound capsaicin which  causes the core body temperature to rise. This boosts metabolism temporarily and increases the body’s ability to burn calories. Adding the spicy sauce to your salads will definitely boost your metabolism throughout the day. Plus it curbs your appetite thereby helping to lose weight further.

2. Heart Healthheart

Capsaicin lowers LDL or bad cholesterol which lock the arteries and constricts blood flow to the heart. Adding a kick to your meals with the help of this sauce might reduce your risk of getting a heart disease as per some studies. It helps in dilating blood vessels, promoting circulation and managing blood sugar levels. 

3. LongevityLongevity sign

According to a study conducted at Harvard, the consumption of spicy food regularly can give you a 14% chance of living longer than usual. You could add some tabasco sauce to recipes like soups, salads and pastas in order to make it taste spicier while adding more years to your life too.

4. Kills Painskid is jumping

The capsaicin compound in Tabasco sauce can help in reducing pains like migraine headaches and inflammation. Capsaicin releases pain peptides which help in alleviating minor pains. It reduces the severity of migraine attacks.

5. Prevents Cancercancer's pink ribbon

Seasoning with some Tabasco sauce on your food can reduce your chances of developing cancer according to a study. This, of course, goes hand in hand with an active lifestyle and a healthy diet. In addition to this, Tabasco sauce offers many other benefits such as boosting immunity.


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