Basil is used in culinary preparations for its highly fragrant and strongly flavored leaves. It is also used for seasoning.

However, there are a lot of benefits that this herb provides health-wise:

1. Relieves coughwoman is sufeering from cough

If you feel drowsy after consuming cough syrups off the shelves of chemists, try making your own natural and herbal syrup with basil. It would cure any cough or cold by clearing congestion and loosening the mucus formation. You could add some rock salt for taste. It is also highly effective for respiratory issues like bronchitis and asthma.

2. Boosts Immune Systemprotecting from germs

Eating fresh basil leaves regularly will help boost immunity as it supports the production of antibodies by almost 20%. Antibodies fight off infections and viral attacks on the body. 

3. Stress Busterbusinessman in field with blue sky sitting an office chair

Basil leaves are also used as an anti stress agent. Experts recommend chewing on 10-12 leaves per day to prevent any stress related disorders. It is also an excellent blood purifier.

4. Improves Visioneye vision

Basil is rich in Vitamin A, which is known to cure eye ailments, sore eyes, night blindness and damage to the retina. 100 grams of basil leaves is recommended to use daily in teas, or to chew in the raw form.

5. Prevents Acneacne skin and healthy skin

This herb prevents acne breakouts and quickens up their healing. The oil in fresh basil leaves helps clear bacteria that contribute to clogging of pores. it can also be used to kill ringworms, treat psoriasis and insect bites. The anti inflammatory effect will reduce any inflammation due to rashes, insect bites etc. 

6. Enhances Oral HealthEnhances oral health

Basil is good for oral health as it destroys germs hidden in tooth cavity and also kills bad breath. It also prevents any gum diseases and works as an excellent antimicrobial toothpaste when dried leaves of this plant is mixed with a little clove oil.

7. Gets rid of kidney stoneskidney stone problem

Consuming 4-5 basil leaves on an empty stomach for a long time can help you dissolve those painful kidney stones and relieve pain due to the stones. It regulates the kidney function and acts as a good detox.

8. Digestive Problemswoman keep her hand on her stomach

Basil gets rid of your stomach problems related to digestion. You can use basil juice made by crushing the leaves to treat stomach aches and cramps. It will also get rid of the bad bacteria because basil is antimicrobial. Basil tea can also cure constipation, indigestion, piles and acidity. 

9. Relieves Headacheswoman had headache

Basil acts as a muscle relaxant and that’s why it makes a good medicine for headaches. Mix grounded basil leaves with sandalwood (chandan) paste and apply on your forehead for relieving the headache. For milder headaches, you can chew on some fresh basil leaves or massage your head with some pure basil oil.


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