Turmeric is a wonderful spice harvested from southeast Asia. It is most popular in the culinary world for bringing the distinct yellow color in traditional curries. Turmeric has been claimed to have multiple health benefits for skin, fatigue and wounds throughout the years. But did you know it is also beneficial for the heart and its proper functioning?

Let’s take a look at potential cardiovascular health benefits of Turmeric:

1. Protect Your Heart Against Heart Failureanimated broken heart is bandaged

Many different studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of turmeric (particularly Curcumin) against heart diseases. Many of these studies have claimed that Curcumin is actually effective in the role of preventing heart failure. These studies have shown positive results in the improvement of symptoms and treatment of cardiac hypertrophy, also known as enlargement of heart.

2. Helps Against Hypertensiondoctor holding a banner of hypertension

1 in 3 people in the world have high blood pressure called hypertension. It sometimes changes the lining and structure of the vascular wall. These changes in the arteries and vascular walls are often caused by emotional stress, poor diet or other medical conditions. The Curcumin and Piperine extracts, in some studies, were effective in preventing major changes in the vascular walls due to hypertension.

3. Helps Prevent Strokesgirl is preventing strokes

While picking supplements for heart health, probably you’d not pick turmeric as your first choice. However , Turmeric, or rather its prime compound Curcumin, enhances your heart health by reducing the amount of cholesterol and plaque build-up in your arteries. It also  reduces the amount of inflammation around your heart and arteries.

4. Lowers Your LDL and Bad Cholesterolcholestarol image

More and more people are becoming aware about their cholesterol levels and how to maintain them. Studies on rabbits showed that the lower dosages of Curcumin extract lowered the overall cholesterol and LDL levels of the rabbits. This means that a proper Curcumin extract dosage may help reduce the effects of cardiovascular issues such as poor LDL and bad cholesterol in humans.

5. Fights Cardiovascular Diseaseturmeric heart

Cardiovascular disease is an inflammatory disease of the heart which made it to the 10th rank in list of the top causes of death worldwide. Combined with a proper diet to help prevent problems, Curcumin has been concluded to help in preventing and treating cardiovascular disease.


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