Menstruation or periods, bring along numerous health challenges for women. For some women, the symptoms are unnoticeable while for others it is very difficult to get past that phase every month. Heavy bleeding, irregular cycles, fatigue, body ache and gastric symptoms make it quite tiresome for many women.

However, we have found the cure for these monthly troubles and its in your own kitchen! Its Turmeric, the yellow orange spice you use in your curries.

A few ways by which turmeric can help in reducing symptoms that occur during periods are listed below.

1. Combats PMSanimated woman is lying on sofa

Premenstrual syndrome is the change in physical and emotional state prior to menses. Emotionally women can feel irritable, experience mood swings and depression; some also have episodes of rage. Physically the symptoms could include headache, flu like symptoms, bloating, muscle ache, back ache etc. Curcumin helps in reducing severity of these symptoms by regulating neurotransmitters and reducing inflammation.

2. Reduce Pain And Fatigueblue body structure shows pain on red area

Turmeric’s natural painkilling property can help in treating fatigue, muscle ache and body ache associated with menstruation. An added benefit of using turmeric over the non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs is that it does not cause gastric erosion or any other side effect.

3. Regularizes Menstruationwoman is holding her stomach during pain

Turmeric possesses Curcumin, which is a mild phytoestrogen- a plant source of estrogen. Traditional medicine suggests that Turmeric can stimulate uterine bleeding. This could be of help in regularizing menstrual cycle and normalizing flow. Despite of turmeric’s  property of stimulating uterine bleeding, some have experienced a reduction in heavy flow on taking turmeric.

4. Anti-Spasmodic Agentred area shows stomach pain

Menstrual cramps in the abdomen, upper thighs and back are very common in women who are going through this phase. It can affect your day to day life and work. Curcuminoids have anti-spasmodic properties that can reduce the severity of menstrual cramps.

5. Reduce Mood Swingswoman in bad mood, holding her laptop by her teeth

PMS is characterised with severe mood related changes and depression like symptoms. Curcumin can uplift the mood, and can get rid of mood swings, depression and anxiety related symptoms occurring in PMS.


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